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Artist History

Steele Roberts-Ross started his career in art about 30 years ago after graduating from Oregon State University in Wildlife Science. His interest in wildlife stems from a lifetime of observing and hunting with his family in northern Illinois. His grandfather and father introduced him to the sport of hunting on the farm in Illinois where they spent many hours enjoying the outdoors. In the 1960ís in northern California, he was on summer vacation at the grandfatherís ranch in the Shasta Valley when he had the privilege to meet Harry Adamson who had been commissioned to paint three views from the ranch. With Harry and Robert Batemann for inspiration, Steele picked up a paintbrush.

Steele spent the first years learning to paint under the tutelage of Jon Jonsik in the Willamette Valley in Oregon. Here, he learned to set up his palette, mix colors, and develop his craft. Before long, Steele was on the move again and left his mentor to move to the family ranch where he could observe, photograph, collect, and study his subject matter.

Steele spent the first few years at the ranch developing his technique and entering the California Duck Stamp contest. Although the honor of winning the Cal Duck Stamp has eluded him, the Upland Game Stamp has not. He was chosen as the 2006-07 Upland Game Stamp artist. This was not the first time he has had this honor. He was selected in 2003-04 for the Upland Game Stamp as well. In 1984, Steele started showing his art at art shows, decoy shows, and galleries across the west coast.

Steele paints in acrylics using layers of washes to achieve his style. His art reflects his knowledge of the species, their habitat, and nuances of the species. His years spent in the outdoors lend authenticity and detail to his art.

Steele now resides in Yreka, California in an area that provides unlimited access to observing and photographing wildlife, with his wife Shelley. He enjoys participating in the annual Audubon bird count in Shasta Valley every year as well as an occasional hunting trip.

Paintings and sketches by Steele Roberts-Ross can be found in galleries and private collections across the country. Steele can be reached by email at or by calling (530) 842-7479.

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